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* Rajan Kapoor's Ejaculations: (My Inklings) Er... uhmmm....ahem...... those who are squirming on my 'ejaculations' I suggest you go to a good dictionary and see the definition and usage of 'ejaculation' and not go by your limited/extraordinary command of English!! Here is some help. Definition for Ejaculation: an abrupt emphatic exclamation expressing emotion. (

* Rajan Kapoor's Cartoons: (My Inkings) Just when some were about to make 'Swami' a very dirty word, like Swami Nityananda for eg., full of corrupting thoughts, there comes ... SERENEashram©. A Magical world of unpretentious Swamis with pure humour (unADULTerated) in their hearts --- and poor bias in their minds. SERENEashram©, the first Indian Comic strip so modern that it had to be an Epic!

* Rajan Kapoor's STUDIO: Photography & Digital Art: (My Imagings) ( At 54 I have bitten the Bullet and reinventing myself!

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